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The downside is that installing your car seat using the lower anchor LATCH system has limitations as your child gets bigger. When the combined weight of your child and car seat is 65 pounds or more for forward-facing car seats, you must install the car seat using the vehicle seat belt instead of the lower anchor LATCH system. ClickTight allows you to achieve a safe install without all the effort — no shoving, kneeing or yanking required. ClickTight does all the work for you.

The unique combination of an extremely simple yet secure installation allows you to install with real confidence every time.

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May not be compatible with all vehicles; see user guide for installation instructions. The top tether must be used in harness mode for children that weigh more than 65 lbs. Britax recommends that the top tether be used at all times when installing the child seat. Britax Knowledge Center Select a category of articles to view.

Securing seats properly with the seat belt straps is more difficult, so more care must be taken in doing so. Seat belts are designed to safely secure adult passengers of various weights.

How to Install a Booster Car Seat

For most five-point harness seats, it's also possible to secure them with the seat belt, instead of the anchors. Booster seats that only use the seat belt to secure the child, and don't secure the seat, gain no additional safety benefit from the LATCH system. It's there mainly for convenience: Children in this types of seats are more likely to outgrow or already by over the weight limits of LATCH systems.

As Byran answered, if the booster seat is not in use, it should be anchored with the LATCH system or stored in a safe area, in order to prevent it from becoming a hazard during a car accident. Answer adapted from another answer of mine.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is there any point to booster car seats with anchors? This question already has an answer here: Don Kirkby Don Kirkby 1 1 4. Actually, it sounds pretty handy to me, ours is always shifting when my daughter gets in and out of the car and so it doesn't remain in the best position to line up the belt the way it should. I have to keep a close eye on her getting in and out so the seat is in the right position even though she is otherwise old enough to handle the whole routine, belt herself etc.

An unoccupied--but latched--booster prevents it form becoming a projectile in an accident.

I thought it might be, but I wasn't sure if the difference between "Is there any purpose for Yes I know this is a huge simplification, but it shows the principle With the booster anchored as well, it will decelerate at the same rate as the child, so this impact will not occur. I guess it depends on the booster, but the ones our kids had, the seatbelt when under the arm-rests of the booster so the belt anchored both the child and the seat.

No, the child and the booster are traveling at roughly the same speed 70mph. The belt stops the child, the child stops the booster.

Installing and Using Child Safety Seats and Booster Seats

For the boosters weight, it's force is going to be insignificant, compared to the force exerted by the child on the belt. Your child--and other passengers--are more likely to be injured by a loose toy in the car or a booster which is unoccupied see my answer.

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Try firing even a light booster seat at you at 70mph.